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Class XI - Chemistry

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Part 1

Chapter No.Chapter NamePower Point PresentationVideo LinkAssignmentBook/Chapter LinkAny Other Link (Notes)
1Some Basic Concepts of ChemistryPresentation - some basic concept -xiLink:1E_Book
2Structure of AtomPresentation-STRUCTURE OF ATOM -XILink:1
3Classification of Elements and Periodicity in PropertiesPERIODIC CLASSIFICATIONE_Book
4Chemical Bonding and Molecules StructureE_Book
5States of MatterPresentation- States of MatterLink_1E_Book
6ThermodynamicsPresentation - THERMODYNAMICSE_Book

Part 2

Chapter No.Chapter NamePower Point PresentationVideo LinkAssignmentsBook/Chapter LinkAny Other Link (Notes)
8Redox ReactionsPresentation - REDOX REACTOPNE_Book
9HydrogenPresentation -HYDROGENE_Book
10The s-Block Elementss -BLOCK ELEMENTSE_Book
11The p-Block Elementsp block-XIE_Book
12Organic Chemistry- Some Basic Principles and TechniquesE_Book
14Environmental ChemistryE_Book
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