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Class VI - English

Honey Suckle

Chapter No.Chapter LinkPower Point PresentationVideo LinksAssignmentsBook/Chapter LinkAny Other Links(Notes)
1 (Prose)Who Did Patrick's Homework?Download PresentationLink-1View Chapter-1
1 (Poem)A House A HomeDownload PresentationLink_1View Chapter-1
2 (Prose)How the Dog Found Himself a new MasterDownload PresentationLink_1View Chapter-2
2 (Poem)The KiteLink_1View Chapter-2
3 (Prose)Tar's RewardDownload PresentationLink-1View Chapter-3
3 (Poem)The QuarrelLink-1View Chapter-3
4 (Prose)An Indian-American Woman in Space: Kalpana ChawlaKalpana ChawlaLink_1View Chapter-4
4 (Poem)BeautyLink-1View Chapter-4
5 (Prose)A Different Kind of SchoolCh-5 A Different Kind of SchoolLink_1View Chapter-5
5 (Poem)Where Do All Teachers Go?Link-1View Chapter-5
6 (Prose)Who I AmLink_1View Chapter-6
6 (Poem)The Wonderful WordsLink-1View Chapter-6
7 (Prose)Fair Play1.FAIR PLAY
2.Fair play
Link-1View Chapter-7
8 (Prose)A Game of ChanceLink_1View Chapter-8
8 (Poem)Vocation VocationLink-1View Chapter-8
9 (Prose)Desert AnimalsLink-1View Chapter-9
9 (Poem)WhatifWhatifLink-1View Chapter-9
10 (Prose)The Banyan TreeThe Banyan TreeLink-1View Chapter-10

A Pact With The Sun

Chapter NoChapter NamePower Point PresentationVideo LinksAssignmentsBook/Chapters LinkAny Other Links(Notes)
1A Tale of Two BirdsA Tale of Two BirdsLink-1View Chapter-1
2the Friendly MongooseThe Friendly MongooseLink-1View Chapter-2
3The Shepherd's TreasureLink-1View Chapter-3
4The Old Clock ShopLink-1View Chapter_4
5TansenTansen-Link-1View Chapter_5
6The Monkey and the CrocodileLink-1View Chapter-6
7The Wonder Called SleepThe Wonder Called SleepLink-1View Chapter-7
8A Pact with the SunLink-1View Chapter-8
9What Happened to the ReptilesLink-1View Chapter-9
10A Strange Wrestling MatchLink-1View Chapter-10
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