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Class XI - Biology

Chapter No.Chapter NamePower Point PresentationVideo LinkAssignmentBook/Chapter LinkAny Other Link (Notes)
1The Living WorldPresentation_ The living worldLink 1E_Book
2Biological ClassificationPresentation- BIOLOGICAL CLASSIFICATION-2Link1E_Book
3Plant KingdomPresentation- PLANT KINGDOMLink_1E_Book
4Animal KingdomPresentation- ANIMAL KINGDOMLink_1E_Book
5Morphology of Flowering PlantsPresentation- Morphology of flowering plants-5Link_1E_Book
6Anatomy of Flowering PlantsLink_1E_Book
7Structural Organisation in AnimalsPresentation- STRUCTURAL ORGANIZATION IN ANIMALS-7Link_1E_Book
8Cell : The Unit of LifePresentation- CELL - the unit of life -8Link_1E_Book
10Cell Cycle and Cell DivisionPresentation- CELL CYCLE&CELL DIVISION-10Link_1E_Book
11Transport in PlantsTRANSPORT IN PLANTSE_Book
12Mineral NutritionPresentation_ MINERAL NUTRITIONLink_1E_Book
14Respiration in PlantsRESPIRATION IN PLANTSE_Book
15Plant Growth and DevelopmentPresentation_ PLANT GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT-15Link_1E_Book
16Digestion and AbsorptionE_Book
17Breathing and Exchange of GasesPresentation_ Breathing & exchange of gases-17Link_1E_Book
18Body Fluids and CirculationBODY FLUIDS &CIRCULATIONE_Book
19Excretory Products and their EliminationEXCRETORY PRODUCTS & THEIR ELIMINATIONE_Book
20Locomotion and MovementLOCOMOTION & MOVEMENTE_Book
21Neural Control and CoordinationNEURAL CONTROL & COORDINATION PPTE_Book
22Chemical Coordination and IntegrationCHEMICAL COORDINATION &INTEGRATIONE_Book
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